Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 1 (June 13)

Hola Everyone!

Well the first week here is almost over and today is our pday- so our first thought is "ya! emails and laundry!" Then me and my companion got 0 emails haha...Oh and the laundry room is CRAZY! probably like 500 missionaries, Elders and Sisters all doing their wash haha. The MTC food = no bueno, i think i might just stick with cereal the rest of my 9 weeks here haha..kidding. But learning español has been tough, but our whole district has definetly learned lots! On the first day we didnt understand a thing and now sometimes our teacher will teach the whole class in spanish. We have been able to bear our testimony, prepare a talk (thankfully didnt have to give it), and now we can say prayers in spanish. My companion situation was crazy before when i had 2 companions but after having a struggling situation in which a missionary in our district was so homesick he ran off campus, climbed the fence and called home...Basically after all that he decided he needed to go home so now his old companion is paired with one of the 2 that used to be mine. So now its just me and Elder Dickinson, hes from Boise Idaho. Hes going to the Iowa, Des Moine mission. So i´ve seen 6-8 friends of mine from BYU-Idaho, its way cool they are all here in the MTC now. And its really cool running into another Elder Josh Davies on a daily basis, ive seen him a lot. And i got one of his Dearelder letters haha-so i gave it to him. We have our gym time which is really one of the very few times you get to yourself because once your in the building you dont have to be next to your companion so thats cool. I was able to play basketball and lift weights a little which really helped me de-stress from the normal 6 hours of class time a day. So its been really busy up here-so busy that its hard to find time to write letters, write in my journal or even tie all my ties haha. Well, much love everyone-stay safe and thanks Lyndsey for writing! Hopefully building the pool goes good with no more problems

Mitch- thanks for the letter bro! I wish i had time to write more but theyre really strict on the 30 minutes i get to email..Was your mission president on your mission President Heaton? because he spoke to us for our fireside and they said he used to be a mission president for the Spokane, WA mission. Is teddy still hiding in cupboards now that im gone? How is the series between Vancouver and Boston? and is Dallas going to win the NBA championship?

Elder Joshua Davies

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