Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 2 (June 20)

Hola Mi Familia,

Happy Fathers Day / Pauls birthday! MTC has been awesome, I sent a letter yesterday it probably will get there soon. So Mitch going back to Texas tomorrow- crazy! Good luck with that. Thats lame that vancouver lost the NHL finals...How is everything at home? Letters help get missionaries from day to day so to get them is sweet. I've gotten all the letters you guys have sent, but a few got mixed up with the other Elder Josh Davies - but ya he left for Oklahoma recently so it wont be a problem but im really excited for him in Oklahoma, in my case I have a bit of time left - 7 weeks! haha its gonna be pretty long but ill be speaking like fluent espanol. Dad going to Paris is crazy! My district gets along really well but half of them, district leader included are leaving for Guatemala in like a week so itll be way quiet without them. Plus we'll need a new district leader. Oh this weekend we have a new mission president meeting at the MTC and the prophet, some apostles and those mission presidents will be here. Its gonna be crazy because one whole building we wont be allowed to go in. But we may be like walking down the hall and see an apostle haha. We havent had anyone crazy for a devotional yet, our last devotional was the primary president. I kind of expect better things out of missionaries so it was dissapointing when an Elder two rooms down from ours had $140 stolen from his room, so were careful to lock up alot-just hope we dont get locked out being too careful haha. Im not sure about my missionary plaque Mom, i think you may want to talk to the Ward secretary about it. They wont need a picture taken and I couldnt send one anyway haha. So i kind of wish there was an Elder MTC and a Sister MTC because some Elders are really distracted by some of the sisters. And some Sisters are just ridiculous when they are flirting with Elders. Good to hear about the car grandma! hope it works out well, it served me really well. And we had it fixed up so it should be really good for a while. So they give us gym time 5 times a week and its really fun but some Elders get hurt in basketball because it gets so rough. So i try to just stay on the upstairs part where the track is and run and do some working out. Ive seen probably 8 or 9 Elders i knew at BYU-Idaho and it almost feels more at home here when it comes to friends because at home they were all at college. That being said I miss you guys so much!! Sometimes its even hard to think about because it distracts me a bit...Well times almost up sending emails, Good luck in the real world and know that I am always missing you guys, Stay in touch. Oh ya if you send emails to dearelder.com its free and it comes to me as mail so i can read them any day of the week, but letters are still awesome!

Elder Davies

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