Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 6 (July 18)


How is everything? How are Mitch and Kayla in the house? How is the car problem? Its funny - days go by fast here, and they blend together. I cant say a whole lot of crazy new things happen, its mostly class after class and studying the scriptures. I have learned a lot and continue to learn so much. Earlier in the week, we were teaching in the TRC (Training Resource Center) and me and my companion asked the "investigator" where they were from. As soon as the word "Washington" came out, i asked where in washington "Donde en Washington?" She said Spokane so I got pretty excited and said my brother lives near there and my other brother served his mission there. Then i asked where in Spokane and it was crazy! She's from Royal City! So I dont know if Paul knows maybe he does but shes from the Piercey family, i never got her first name though. But it was really cool to teach someone from there - heck, thats probably why she speaks spanish is because shes from there. So yeah the 2 new missionaries in our room are really cool, theyre going to Argentina. Its funny because one is from down the street here in Provo and his dad is a branch president here so he sees him sometimes. I've seen Elder Zach Johnson twice now, once when i was at church...Gonna try and get a picture with him so you guys can see - we'll see. So its crazy to think that i've already been here for 6 weeks on wednesday! Already 2/3 of the way done - and next week I get travel plans. If we fly, then i will definetly be sending stuff home. Sent Mitch a letter today. Well just be sure to let me know how the pools going and really everything else. Enjoy the real world, real food, and taco bell haha...Oh boy, first day on the mission i will go eat some fast food. Well I hope everything is good at home

Con Amor,
(with love)
Elder Davies

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