Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 8 (Aug 1)

Mi Familia,

Well...almost done with the MTC - Only a week left. I can really feel the anticipation of teaching real people and the responsibility that comes with that. I'm not too worried about the spanish but of saying what I need to say and letting the Lord take care of the rest. Lately we've been focusing on teaching with the spirit instead of just saying words. Hopefully I can do that in the field better. I was able to sing in the MTC choir at the last devotional it was a pretty cool experience, it was after pioneer day so we sung "Come, Come Ye Saints". And I helped Host new missionaries so I showed them where their class/residence were and got them their books. The coolest part was one of my good friends, Elder Myers, was in the very first group so just by luck I was able to host him. And then this sunday at the choir practice, i saw Elder Thomas Oettli so that was cool - I dont think he remembers me very well but I definetly remember him from Katy and seeing him at BYU-Idaho. So, I got my travel plans and i'm just getting myself mentally prepared for the mission field. I probably will end up sending some stuff home since baggage charges are so high and I really feel I need less than I have, plus I picked up probably 8 pounds in books with my espanol scriptures and preach my gospel. So sweet to see pictures of the pool and car, they both look sweet - cant wait to see them and enjoy them in 2 years, or 22 months. It was kinda funny I met an Elder in the laundry room who was going to Pocatello, ID and hes a native spanish speaker so hes only here for 3 weeks. Oh and I got a haircut at the MTC barbershop today, apparently a #4 with the buzzer is the highest they go haha, at least on the sides. Got the cards you sent Mom, thanks. Oh and hopefully you guys get the letter I sent soon, with the picture of me and Elder Johnson. I hope everythings going good at home, I pray for you guys often. I think i'll be calling home in the airport, depending on if we have time or not - the MTC doesnt have a policy on it, whatever that means. sure to keep me updated! And I want to hear how Mitch's job search goes...Thanks for the news Grandma.

Con Amor,
(With love)
Elder Davies

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