Monday, August 8, 2011

OFF to the Big ID!

Well this is my last day here,
Not a whole lot has gone on in our last week - just preparations for the field. And we had in-field training here where they talked alot about working with ward missionaries and ward mission leaders which I already knew somewhat about since I had been a ward missionary before the MTC. I got pictures with my friends from the dorms at BYU-Idaho, its really cool there was probably like 6 of us. 2 are going to the philippines, another to Russia, one to El Salvador and the other to Panama. Im the only state-side in the group but I will still be able to talk to the ones going to South America, spanish is sweet. It was really cool to get letters from Paul and Amy and the kids! I understood almost all of Paul's letter in spanish too. Haha its funny who you meet here - I met an Elder, Elder Robinson, who lived in Singapore after we he knew the Bywaters and Nelsons and such. He was also a friend of the McCarvel kid I knew, which I think i already told you about. But a while ago I also met an Elder from one of my EFY groups in San Antonio. Then this week I met an Elder that plays football at University of Utah. Oh ya a few weeks ago, I was in the bookstore and met an Elder from spokane who said he knew an Elder Davies, which was probably Mitch haha. Mitch, do you ever remember anyone with the last name Ward? His name was Elder Ward he said he was from like Spokane Valley. Oh and Kayla sent me amazing Cinnamon Rolls that i shared with the Elders in my room, they were so awesome - thanks so much Kayla.

Oh ya Mom that news article you sent me with the football player - sadly, I knew him pretty well. When i took summer school, he was in my speech class. So on the football team I would say hey if I ever saw him, and he played on the JV team with me. He was really good at football and a really nice / cool kid so its sad he has ruined his life. Thats 2 kids from football / high school I knew that are going to be in prison for a long time and have probably ruined their lives. It means alot to me to hear that, because I definetly know I am in the best place I can be right now and I am not messing my life but setting it off right by serving the Lord for 2 years. I just wish everyone had this same gospel giving them direction in their lives because they wouldnt end up in these messes. Oh i also dont know if you heard but they announced the first temple in France! Pretty cool to hear, the gospel is still spreading in the world. Paul and Amy, hopefully I can write back today if not you'll get a letter next week from the field. I'll send you guys my address when I get there too..
my new address will be:
Elder Joshua Lee Davies
Idaho Pocatello Mission
1246 Yellowstone Ave Ste F3
Pocatello, ID 83201-4374
United States

Adios Familia!
Elder Davies

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